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WordPress Performance Optimization

Hire WordPress developer for WordPress Speed Optimization (Advanced Level), we provide you daily or weekly reporting using skype call-chat, email, phone – we will never ask you for any hidden cost.

A slow website can literally kill your site traffic and revenue stream, also it’s an important factor for ranking high in Google™ search results.

If site speed is under-performing, our team will increase the speed of WordPress website in real terms, as well as improving it’s results in Google Page Speed and Yahoo Yslow ratings.

Our team will provide a “Before” and “After” report showing the improvements to your site load time by the employing the following Proven methods:

Test Tool or Website for WordPress Speed Optimization Basic Advance
pingdom.com B – Grade A – Grade
gtmetrix.com B – Grade A – Grade
PageSpeed Insights B – Grade A – Grade
List of task for WordPress Speed Optimization
Optimize your images, reducing file size as much as possible without loss of quality Yes Yes
Clean up css Yes Yes
Minify HTML , css, js Yes Yes
Defer parsing of JavaScript Yes Yes
Leverage browser caching Yes Yes
Enable Gzip Compression Yes Yes
Install and configure caching scripts Yes Yes
Database, browser and Object cache Yes Yes
Disable hot-linking and leeching of your content Yes Yes
Control the amount of post revisions stored Yes Yes
Fixing Bad Requests & @import requests Yes Yes
Removing unnecessary Requests Yes Yes
Turnoff all Pingbacks Yes Yes
Install Plugins to help speed up your site Yes Yes
Use CDN for quick content delivery [MaxCDN(not free) or Cloud flare or your CDN Server] No No
Use Google page speed provided rule. Yes Yes
Give you advice on making homepage load quicker and adjust if necessary Yes Yes
Configure and optimize a great .htaccess file Yes Yes

☆☆☆ Guarantee ☆☆☆
You will be 110% happy with your site speed & performance.

To Start work, we need
1. WordPress Admin Login Details
2. cPanel / FTP details
You may hire our WordPress developer for PSD to WordPress conversion, Custom WordPress theme development
custom WordPress Plugin development, WordPress theme/ template customization, WordPress CMS development, WordPress blog development, WordPress module/ extension development, WordPress module installation and system design

Expert WordPress developer – Our Services

– PSD to WordPress conversion
– Custom WordPress theme development
– Custom WordPress Plugin development
– WordPress theme/ template customization
– WordPress CMS development
– WordPress blog development
– WordPress module/ extension development
– WordPress module installation and system design

WordPress Plugin Development – Benefits

– Skilled WordPress Developers for fast and quality web development
– Hassle free technical and communicational support
– 100% IP & Data Protection
– Cost effective solutions and quick turnaround time.
– Highly equipped and robust infrastructure
– Regular update of the work – Daily/Weekly Reporting
– Quick response through various communication channels including chat, email, call & Skype

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