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WordPress Security – Fix WordPress Hacked Sites

Hire WordPress developer for fix WordPress Hacked Sites (Advanced Level) – Restore hacked take full back-up of files and database remove malware & remove backdoor also remove all offending code, files, pages, and posts. Setup security system, audit your hosting and file security, remove Google warning as well. we provide you daily or weekly reporting using skype call-chat, email, phone – we will never ask you for any hidden cost.

Hacking WordPress website is very common due to massive use of 3rd party plugins and security loopholes.

If your site has already hacked, our team will also perform a scan and identify any security threats such as malware and remove them, and fully clean the site, as well as remove any other malware warnings posted by Google console when your site is loaded or on search result page.

Fix WordPress Hacked Sites – Scope of Work

– Restore site from the hack, Make a full back-up of your files and database both before and after cleanup.
– Full remove malware and backdoor, Remove all offending code, files, pages, and posts.
– Setup security system, Audit your hosting and file security.
– Install and configure the best security plugins to verify your site is secure and to keep it safe from now on.
– We give you my personal recommendations on how to keep your particular website safe from hackers.
– Tell you exactly what to say to Google if you need to make a reconsideration request to get back to their search index.
– Remove Google warning, If any.

Fix WordPress Hacked Sites – Plan & Packages

Brute Force Protection Yes Yes
File Change Detection Yes Yes
Lockout Suspect bots looking by implementing 404 Detection Yes Yes
Strong Password Enforcement Yes Yes
Make the admin area inaccessible during specific hours No Yes
Hide WordPress Login & Admin Yes Yes
Email notifications for suspect activity on site No Yes
Online File Comparisons to determine if any changes made have been malicious Yes Yes
Google reCAPTCHA Integration Yes Yes
Add Anti-Malware Protection No Yes
Add Anti-Virus Protection No Yes
Remove update notifications from specific user roles Yes Yes
Remove Windows Live Write header information Yes Yes
Remove RSD header info Yes Yes
Remove login error messages Yes Yes
Rename ‘admin’ account Yes Yes
Change ID on user with ID 1 Yes Yes
Change WordPress database table prefix Yes Yes
Undo change wp-content path Yes Yes
Change wp-content path Yes Yes
Force SSL for any post, page, or admin page No Yes
Turn off file editing in WordPress admin Yes Yes
Brute Force Protection Yes Yes
File Change Detection Yes Yes
404 Detection Yes Yes
Strong Password Enforcement Yes Yes
Lock Out Bad Users No Yes
Away Mode Yes Yes
Hide Login & Admin No Yes
Database Backups Yes Yes
Email notifications Yes Yes
Online File Comparisons Yes Yes
Dashboard Widget Yes Yes
Google reCAPTCHA Integration Yes Yes
Two-Factor Authentication Yes Yes
Import/Export Settings Yes Yes
User Action Logging Yes Yes
Temporary Role Privilege Escalation Yes Yes
Enforce Strong Passwords by Role Yes Yes
WP-CLI Integration No Yes
Check Current File Permissions Yes Yes

To start the work I need the following information.

1. WordPress Login details
2. FTP login details
3. cPanel login

Note : we may need copies of your theme files as well as any premium plugins you have installed if you need us to remove virus fully.

You may hire our WordPress developer for PSD to WordPress conversion, Custom WordPress theme development
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Our Services

– PSD to WordPress conversion
– Custom WordPress theme development
– Custom WordPress Plugin development
– WordPress theme/ template customization
– WordPress CMS development
– WordPress blog development
– WordPress module/ extension development
– WordPress module installation and system design

Fix WordPress Hacked Sites – Benefits

– Skilled WordPress Developers for fast and quality web development
– Hassle free technical and communicational support
– 100% IP & Data Protection
– Cost effective solutions and quick turnaround time.
– Highly equipped and robust infrastructure
– Regular update of the work – Daily/Weekly Reporting
– Quick response through various communication channels including chat, email, call & Skype

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