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Website Migration

Hire Certified Developer for Website Migration (Clear English Speaker), we provide you daily or weekly reporting using skype call-chat, email, phone – we will never ask you for any hidden cost.

Website Migration – Magento Ecommerce Site

( Migrate from one server, domain or hosting to other )
You are at right place and our expert team will help you to migrate your Magento Ecommerce Site manually (no plugins or automated methods used as they’re not reliable).

Please note: small to medium sized websites (up to 550 MB in size). Larger sites take a lot longer to backup and migrate and need additional time. Please contact me for more information, if you have a large size website.

Our Certified Magento Developer will make a full backup of all website files, content and your database. Then our developer will migrate it to your new hosting server or domain name.

Service included:

* Full backup of Magento store files
* Full backup of your database
* Migration to your new hosting server or domain
* Changes to database to function on new server
* Testing of the site to make sure everything is working successfully

To implement a full site move, we will need.

* Magento admin access.
* FTP access of old and new server.
* PHPMyAdmin access for new and old database.
* Ideal but not essential SSH access to both servers.

Website Migration – WordPress website

( Migrate from one server, domain or hosting to other )

Our WordPress developer will take your WordPress site and create a full backup and then migrate it to a new server or domain name.

This includes creating the database, installing WordPress, copying all themes, plugins and uploads, exporting your original SQL database tables and re-importing them on the new server, and finally revising the site to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

The full migration is done manually and do not use any plugins.

To migrate WordPress, we need back-end (cpanel/hosting) access, also the WordPress admin users login credentials.

Our team always available on Email and Skype. Please arrange a voice or video chat if necessary. we will be available more than 40 hours per week and able to start your project as soon as possible.

Welcome to Logicrays Inc.

Logicrays is India based leading IT Company, since 2011. Our team mainly focuses on providing solutions based on eCommerce businesses and online marketing. However, we have experience with various platforms like eEcommerce platforms, Content Management platforms, PHP Framework, Mobile apps technologies, Digital Marketing.

We are in-house team of 20+ developers including 5 Magento Certified Developers. we believe in long-term relationships with our clients by helping them to achieve their goals.

Hire Dedicated Developer full time or part time for PHP, WordPress, Magento front-end or back-end website development. Please contact us in UK, US, Australia time zone using Skype, Email or Phone. Our technical team will provide all free support for your any type of question or issue.

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