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Magento Web Store

We are Certified Magento Developers offers Magento Web Store just at $800, $1200 & $2000 – Cover’s cost of design, development, testing, implementation and 20 Days free support – Delivery In 10 Working Days or based on custom need. Hire certified Magneto developer for Magento Web Store, we provide you daily or weekly reporting using skype call-chat, email, phone – we will never ask you for any hidden cost. Please contact us in UK, US, Australia time zone using Skype, Email or Phone.

Basic Advance
Cost – (design, development, testing, implementation and support) Contact US Contact US
Free Support 15 Working day 30 Working days
Upfront Payment 50% 30%
After completing the design 20% 30%
After completing the development (At this stage, the project will be ready for beta launch) 50% 20%
And Balance on launching the site live in your site 0% 20%
1. Linux Yes Yes
2. Apache Yes Yes
3. My SQL Yes Yes
4. PHP Yes Yes
5. jQuery & Clean CSS Yes Yes
6. Magento Yes Yes
This site has two panels
User Panel Yes Yes
Admin Panel Yes Yes
Storefront Features
a) Best Selling Item – display best selling item in the homepage(optional) Yes Yes
b) Display collection of new products on your homepage Yes Yes
c) Simple and Advanced Search – Search products by entering the categories, art forms, price and other related keyword. Yes Yes
d) Login: Centralized Login system. Yes Yes
e) Forgot Password: The password will be mailed to the customer in a secured manner. Yes Yes
f) Category Preview view a collection of products in a given category. Yes Yes
Member Registration
In the proposed system, the customer will be registered after submitting the following information, (First Name, Middle Initial, Last, Box Office #. P.O Box #, City, Country, Home Tel #, Home Fax #, Office Tel #, Office Fax #, Mobile #, EMail address.) Yes Yes
Sales order
Customers will be able to purchase a selection of products. They would also manage their product orders etc from their account log in. The quotes should be handled through admin sales staff and communicated by Email/telephone, customers should known the delivery date, product stock and reserved stock etc., The orders must be generated either website or administration back. Yes Yes
Products and Category
The customers can browse through more number of categories and products. Each category will have collection of products showing product title, price, and image as well as include a brief synopsis of the product. Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Features
The customers can select the product either by browsing through category or by advanced search. The customers can view the detailed description of the product and add the product to the shopping basket by clicking the “Add to cart” or “Buy Now” button. There will be an option for customers to edit/delete the product from the shopping cart before moving towards the billing section. Yes Yes
Email Features
A) Email order confirmation to customer Yes Yes
B) Email order notification to the site owner. Yes Yes
C) Email newsletters / notices to all selected customers from the admin interface. Yes Yes
Order Management
The registered customer in the site can view their order history in details and track the status of their order. They would also manage their product orders etc from their account log in. Yes Yes
Payment Gateway Integration
The cart will handle the credit card type of payment. Payment Gateway will be used to handle the credit card processing. The user can check out their payments through Bank Transfer, cheque , over the phone, customer credit account etc., Yes Yes
Tracking and alert systems
The portal will keep track of the following elements, Yes Yes
A) Order notifications Yes Yes
B) New member Registrations Yes Yes
Security Features
Secure Socket Layer SSL is a communications protocol to send order information in a secure manner to the payment gateway you are using. Yes Yes
a) Information the cart needs in order to maintain the flow of the application is temporarily stored on the web server using sessions, not using cookies. Yes Yes
Admin control panel
The site administrator is the responsible person to control all the contents in the site. Yes Yes
Statistics of products and customers Yes Yes
Every times admin login he can view recently registered users. Yes Yes
Every times admin login he can view recently added products Yes Yes
Admin can manage the Details of administration. Yes Yes
Admin can manage the registered customers. Yes Yes
Admin can search/list the users of the site. Yes Yes
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders are commercial document that needed to order and they are sent/submitted as requests for new stock from their suppliers. Yes Yes
Admin staff can add/edit/delete the suppliers. Yes Yes
Admin staff can create the purchase order manually and access to import the reorder report. Yes Yes
Purchase order should having the entire details of the items/product received in PO system Yes Yes
Purchase order having the provision to download and upload the XLS/CSV or PDF report to suppliers. Yes Yes
Cscart system records purchase order will be deemed as Complete/Received in Full from the suppliers. Yes Yes
Stock levels are automatically updated and notify the staff to order by email and through the administration console. Yes Yes
Reorder Report
The generated reports are make sure that the enough of demanded products to the staff Yes Yes
Reorder Report should contains all field Yes Yes
Outstanding PO report
Reports should indicate that Purchase Orders have been too long in the system Yes Yes
Outstanding PO shows the warning sign of incomplete/closed more than weeks Yes Yes
Price averaging
When new products are received, the system should check the stock and average the cost Yes Yes
System should update the PO number and handle the history of product cost Yes Yes
Available Stock
The stock available is the immediate demand to the customers. Available stock system having default automation calculation for following fields,
Stockonhand Yes Yes
Allocated Yes Yes
Picked Yes Yes
Backorder Yes Yes
Reserved stock Yes Yes
Sales Back order view
Back orders shows all report in the system Yes Yes
Sales staff having Privilege to issue the items manually Yes Yes
System should allows multiple backorders for per order Yes Yes
Bulk Imported Product Updates
System having admin to update the bulk products Yes Yes
Existing Product should be flagged in the system Yes Yes
Product status should be changed when it does not exist Yes Yes
Sales & System Advanced Reporting
Advance reporting equipped by PHP runner enterprise Yes Yes
Admin can report the output generated by CScart Yes Yes
Admin having option to add custom report to the PHP runner Yes Yes
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Meta title, keyword, description, We will provide option to add Meta title, keyword, and description in all web pages. Yes Yes
Sitemap creation
We will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and MSN so that your site will be indexed in search engines in 7 days. We will create both XML and HTML sitemap for your website. Yes Yes
The sitemap link will be placed in your home page. In the sitemap page we will place the links for all the pages. It will be more helpful for the search engine spiders to crawl your website quickly. Yes Yes
Robots.txt is a plain text file (not html). It is a file in the main directory of your website which directs the search engine spiders where they are allowed to go. Yes Yes
Basically Search Engine spiders will crawl all the pages of your website for indexing. If you want hide any pages from the spider crawl simply you can disallow the page using robots.txt file. Yes Yes
XHTML Validation
In this process, all the pages of your website will be validated according to w3c standards and will be converted to valid XHTML web document. Yes Yes


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